Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The story of Beast 2 ... aka Jeff

My mate Humph fitting injection to his Mk1 Posted by Hello

Pictured is Humph Hale long time Triumph enthusiast who is partly responsible for Jimmy Elliott driving the innocent looking MK1 2.5 PI in Classic and Sportscar for the last 5-6 years.
The UK 'beast' as it is affectionately known was originally owned and built by Hump with a fair bit of input from myself and brother Doug. The original car was a innocent 1965 2000 in cactus and black that Doug found unused in a Henley shed.

Anyway the stories of MMG909C are fairly well documented but the Ozzie twin named Jeff (he bought it off Jeff) is only just taking shape. Bought about 8 months ago as a very tired but running and legal 2000 fitted with a buggered Mk1 PI engine on carbs Humph is now trying to build the car up to a track day special using mostly my own cast offs.

So far he has fitted my old 2.5PI engine which was perfectly OK but I needed more power
He has also bought my old 7 x15 minilites which look just great. They just fitted with no wheel arch mods with 195/60 Tyres but you need a feeler guage to measure the rear clearance!

More of Jeff's old engine later... but CR2271HE is now in rude health after a major rebuild and running sweetly in our 1973 2000