Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Latest motorsport Activities

No pictures I'm afraid... forgot the camera but latest activities included;

Wednesday 27th April... WhoopArse Wednesday at Kwinana raceway... in english.. Run what you brung at the local drag strip.

We took 4 cars.. my white PI , humphs Mk1 , Andy's TR6 and Adrians V12 Jag XJ to see what the best of British could do... we also managed to weigh my car and Humphs to give us figure to calculate rear wheel horsepower.

Results were:
1. Andy T 14.9 secs @ 93mph for 160 rwhp (1170kg as raced)
2. Humph 16.0 secs @ 85mph for 134 rwhp (1268kg as raced) .. misfire top end
3.Adrian (v12) 16.2 secs
4. Andy M (TR6) 17.0 secs (horrible misfire due to fouled plugs but he couldn't be bothered to change them!!)

A fun night by all, Humph's Mk1 engine (which used to be in my car) producing at least 8bhp more than it ever did with me despite the misfire... thanks to a new head and better extractors.

Sunday 1st May The Darling Scarp Ascent. VSCC Hillclimb.

Just myself and Gavin Adams in his TR5 attended this + another 67 various racers... a very tricky , fast hillclimb not run before so new for everyone. 1600m with a climb of over 150m, 16 medium fast bends and damp under the trees... mostly flat out in third and over 100mph at the finish.

Suited the white car very well because the numerous bumps and slippery patches favoured a long wheelbase whereas the more twitchy cars that like changing direction were more of a handful. Beat Gavins TR5 by 5 secs 54 secs versus 59 but no more results as yet... (in the post) Very good fun although opposite lock at 80mph surrounded by trees is a little exciting....


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