Monday, February 27, 2012

Disco heavy metal

Fun weekend of playing with big hunks of machinery otherwise known as LandRover bits. Ken Bryant was the main man - I was his willing assistant and dogsbody. The issue was clutch noise at idle when engaging first or reverse which was getting loud and embarrassing.

Dropping the gearbox and tranfer case as a unit is suicide so we separated the transfer box and after a good wash dumped it on the bench for resealing and the addition of the centre diff lock which Landover thoughtfully deleted between 2001 and 2003 after which it was reinstated. Reckon this thing weighs about the same as a bare six pot block - just liftable solo by a mortal.

Next off is the R380 5 speed box which is a descendant of the LT77 so theoretically has some Triumph design input. Off with the clutch and flywheel revealing a very sad spigot bush

Obviously the cheapest part had failed - a two dollar bush !!!

Seeing as I didn't want to go through the whole job again I have put in a billet flywheel instead of the dual mass version and changed the plastic release bearing carrier to a billet aloy one.

Centre diff stripped before adding the revised selector and locking mechanism.

Reassembly as they say is the reverse of disassembly - well it took about as long and there were a few aches this morning.
Also deleted the EGR set up which is meant to do more harm than good and gave it a full service.


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