Saturday, September 08, 2012

Engine Swap-over Part 3

Into the filth zone today - the usual accumulation of oil and grit that 8 years use and associated leaks brings
Engine almost ready for dropping - just need to remove the front and rear mounts and lower to the ground
Trigger wheel extracted from the 2500 and modified and fitted to the 2.1
Dulux rebuild for the PAS pump
Viscous fan is going - 10 inch electric fan going on.
Very buggered PAS rack leaking and rattling with valve body worn too - got a rebuilt on to put back in :-)
Obviously the rubber coupling is buggered too ... as is the poly bush through the bulkhead.
I have a new coupling in NOS bin but will need to grab a bush on Monday from Markich
That's it for the day - 4 hours work and I stink of petrol :-) baby sitting tonight...