Monday, July 23, 2007

Close-ratio tales

Dunno if I'd posted it here but it's been my intention for a while to try and sort out my white PI's gearbox ratios. The plan was to fit a set that had sprung up in the form of a STR53 Dolomite Sprint homologation kit found in a scrapped 1975 Aus delivered Sprint...

The issue was the input shaft wasn't any good so after a bit of head scratching on whether to get the shaft shortened and new splines cut or something else... well something else presented itself at a church hall in Hampshire having tea and cakes with James Shackford during a breather on the last leg of the 2006 RBRR.. he reckoned that they still made the input shaft for that gearset but with a TR6 / saloon length but a TR7 fine spline....

Perfect... finally got myself into gear ;-) and bought one a few months back from ... very useful chaps.
The gearset has been fitted with some minor mods... most important was using the 2000 1st gear instead of the sprint one ... even so 1st is pretty high... like 50mph+ :-o
The nice bit of the story is a couple of weeks ago I received a email closely followed (like 5 minutes) by an enthusiastic phone call from Ken Wood in Insch Airstrip (read near Aberdeen) who had been hunting down a CR input shaft for his historic Rally Sprint without success and TR Enterprises had given him my details....
Needless to say the shaft is now in sunny Scotland awaiting abuse in a rapid looking Sprint ... see end of video
Cool tale eh??
Details of lap time differences with CR gearset to follow..........................


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