Monday, July 24, 2006

Wanneroo Sprint

Cool start... this was my Stag covered in ice at 7am !!!!
Just been playing at Wanneroo circuit courtesy of the WASCC (West Australian Sporting Car Club) Good day out apart from a rather cold start when I thought my fingers might fall off with frostbite... (no heater in the white thing!)
Humphs 2.5PI (ex 2000) cactus and black.... nice tyres but they're too soft!!
The team ready for the off ... below are a couple of TR's hat also turned up ... Andy Millers just pipped the blue one and easily saw off the red one.

Andy Millers lovely TR6 ... original paint!!! plus a few subtle mods End the day best times were as follows

White Mk1 71.8secs

Cactus Mk1 75.3secs

Red TR6 (Andy Miller) 75.8secs

Blue TR6 75.9secs

Shiney Red TR6 83secs

Full results here (my entry listed as name only number 72)

For myself it was a bit disappointing... my brakes are no better (ie crap) and I didn't better my time from last year (71.7secs).

The average speed and times keep improving so what would have once been a good time now barely gets you in the bottom 1/3 of the placings!!!