Monday, June 12, 2006

Bugger!! update....Good news 1 - Bad news 2

Well I've just spent the day stripping down Del's engine..

Initially it was good news... just a badly burnt no. 3 exhaust valve... until that is I checked the rest and they were all "in trouble to a greater or lesser extent. I think the spec of the exhaust valves available over here (they were new 18 months and 18k miles ago) leaves a little to be desired. The unleaded seats were spotless.

I am now going to Datsun 1600 exhaust valves which are 33mm as standard and stellite faced. They will need turning down to 31.25mm but should be indestructible according to my head guru. The guides need a quick hone to suit... same as my inlets which use 38mm datsun valves.

OK... that will be sorted quickly.. in fact already done.. now the bad news. Piston 3 is definitely passing too much oil.. the bore looks fine but something is amiss.... so I will be fitting 6 new +0.040" pistons. Not so bad as I would hate to need to do it in another 12 months anyway.

Any the really bad news... checked a couple of cam followers and they are stuff.... wierd really as I used a good S/H early PI cam and carefully refaced Stanpart followers... oh well nothing for it.. I will fit a mild Wade 113 cam. 275 duration 30-65 66-30 and 0.262" lift so somewhere between a PI cam and a TR5... meant to give very good torque.

Found a slightly stuffed late PI 3 ring cam and that is now in express post to Melbourvne for a re-grind