Friday, May 26, 2006

May Update... pics to follow

Been a bit slack... will start random jottings like Dave Sideways

Still haven't sorted the brakes on the White car to my satisfaction so will be giving them a massive bleeding ASAP... if this doesn't work... might go to twin master cylinders / no servo and a balance bar.... I really want to do something about the bulkhead flexing under hard applications so this may be my chance... need to do some sums to get the hydraulic assistance about right first time.......

I have some Datsun 240Z alfin drums to fit and as these will need a bit of machining etc I will probably go the whole hog and fit manual adjusting Mk1 backplates so I can always have the rears fully tweaked tight+ have some softer lining made... apparently hard lining are to resist wear when hot but do bugger all for grip... softer lining + the added cooling of the alfins should help to get more bite... might play with the wheel cylinders too.... not sure which is biggest (Mk1 /MK2 or Stag/ Rover SD1) but bigger will give more bite too...

EFI on Dels car is progressing slower than I'd like... I have everything now... need to work out where to put the ECU... passenger parcel tray would have been nice but aftermarket Aircon lives there... might have to modify the glove box, that or under the passenger seat under a protective alloy box (?)... need to fit fuel line and find the PI bit of the loom for the pump, glad it's a 73 model... MAP sensor and water sensor fitted.. need to get a hole cut in the extractors and fit the O2 sensor.... working away in Kalgoorlie doesn't help one bit... need a few free evenings

Genuine Minilites on Dels 2500 now...6 x 15 with 195/65 x 15 Michelin Energy XM1's = beautiful ride , no harshness and no wheel shake. 8-) .... the ozzie made 185/75 x 14 Dunlops were shocking ... like Commercial tyres almost and the S alloys were unbalanceable.... total crap from GKN