Saturday, March 11, 2006

Jack's Hill Summer series

Good fun series if a little hot at times,

Three Triumph appearing regularly, myself, Humph and George in his TR7 V8 . The results of the series are here

George beat me fairly comfortably once he got to grips with the tricky top end of the course... but then he was pulling over 100mph into the chicane halfway up the hill and I was only maxing in 3rd maybe 85-90 on a good day... thats what 4 webers and 5.2 litres does :-)

After some fairly shocking plug fouling issues on the first event, I changed to NGK iridium plugs as recommended by My Dave sideways... what a revelation... so much cleaner revving... wonderful improvement

Definite gear ratio issues at times.. but I couldn't be bothered dropping the gearbox to install a new selector to cover and run overdrive in 2nd as I used to.... I'll only break it...