Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On the mend

Well the bottom end is almost fixed, just waiting on the cam. The original 308778 PI cam was scarily stuffed.. guess it's all getting old now :-(

Turned out it was well worthwhile changing the pistons as No3. had a broken oil ring (hence plug fouling and burnt exhaust valve) and No's 5 and 6 had a broken top compression ring despite seemingly good compression.

Quick honing to allow the new pistons/rings to bed in and have reshelled the bigends to be on the safe side too.

The head is done with its full set of Nissan valves.

Will be fitting quite a nice mild Wade cam 275deg duration and 0.262" lift. Early PI is 270deg and 0.230" lift, TR5 is 280deg but only 0.250" lift. I think so should get about 145bhp with the current head work and witor extractors.

It's starting to feel like fun again