Monday, October 27, 2008

Random stuff

Mmm... shiney

These are all about go and the show is incidental. Up to 20% more torque over the best Mike Randall 6-3-1

I have been optimising the cam timing before futher development work on the cylinder head

MU Fueling modified, inline pressure increased and midrange power is now like a turbo diesel except it revs too

Now good for about 200lb ft torque and developments continue... EVO valves next ;-)

Saw this old thing about a year ago on the back of a truck... turns out it was being delivered from Toowoomba QLD. Aussie delivered new... private import... never seen salt... probably the best bodied 2500S estate in the world... nice. Oh yeah, TSOA national day, Perth... 11th Oct 2008


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