Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clutch delay - cam swap

Due to unforeseen supplier issues with my uprated paddle clutch occurring twice now with no proper resolution within the next few weeks likely I decided to make use of the shed time and swap out the GT43 cam for a GT42A cam. This is another well tested hybrid profile that runs a more 'modern' inlet profile with a bit less duration than the GT43 and slightly more lift.

The current configuration made 146rwhp so it will be interesting to see what the 42A makes.

Me and ken had a few hours spare Monday evening so whipped of the head and old cam (in perfect nick as were the Newman followers - a nice but not unexpected surprise)

The new cam is ground on a Kent blank so I will need shorter pushrods (8" early mk2 2000) to compensate for the bigger base circle.

We got the new cam in by 9pm (two hours :-) - many hands make light work!)  and will time it up and reassemble later in the week.

I found an excellent supplier of timing chains btw - not cheap but A1+ quality - Rollmaster IWIS RO3DR62-2