Thursday, December 03, 2015

Vintage Stampede and TSOA/TCC show and shine plus a few hiccups

Lots of stuff on in the last few weeks - first up are some classics at Scrutiny for the annual VSCC stampede
 Fuel injected 5.8 Ford Windsor (stroker) in a GT40 replica at Welshpool scrutineering
 Cooper S (proper little'un)
 I have no doubt that with appropriate gearing the rego is valid!
 Nice old Mk1 Jag
Tight fit - Lexus 4.0 in a Stag
Lovely Spitfire 4 with a later Mk3
PI estate in Tahiti .... nice nick - no knowledge of history - newly WA registered but looks like its been in Oz a while.
Diesel Vangaurd Ute - true tractor engined Triumph/Standard
Fore-runner to my PI estate - Vanguard Station wagon - remember my dad saying he'd have loved one when new - great for continental touring - sleep in the car
I actually bother to wash my PI
Moving on - my 2100 EFI failed to proceed on the way to work - here on a recovery truck - Megasquirt was not guilty - Bosch EFI pump (fake?) had failed after 8 years
A few competitors on sunday 29th Nov - Vintage stampede - Paul Roberts lovely silver Sprint and Doug Vanzettis GT6 Mk1 (2.5PI)
Greg Crists - Mk2 GT6
Mark Jones TR4
Obviously we arrived too late for decent shaded pits
TR6 was running road tyres -my 195/55 R spec were worn out  - possibly the only car that wasn't using R spec - acquitted itself OK but late braking was tricky with relative lack of grip and the gearing was a bit tall with a 3.45 diff. It would seem a proper R spec tyres is worth about 4 or 5 secs at Barbagallo - 195/65 Blue earth Yokohamas did bloody well considering they were $400 for 4 rather than $400 each.
Next plan is 205/60 A048 and a 3.7 LSD
Ready for the stampede
In the pitlane
Some mild exotica for Perth
Dave Markichs TR8
Support crews - Ken and Seamus


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