Monday, January 17, 2005

Getting the wifes car up to Standard

Just spent the best part of 3 days cruising around in the new "2000" trying to run it in and fix all the inevitable quirks after building one car out of three.
Managed after some serious sweating to fit all the air-con... wish I had a airconditioned shed...35deg in the shade. Eventually tracked down the right drivebelt and just need to get some CFC friendly gas in it now...
Had a crappy hard to trace misfire caused by about three (I think) combining factors.... points closing up due to slightly pitted spindle, rotor arm hitting distributor cap... brass everywhere... and finally! a slightly AWOL 12V coil... all replaced or modified... just needs a final timing check and tune.
I think the BFZ needles recommended by Chris witor may be a little rich for a auto.. but time will tell... it's doing about 21-23mpg around town so not too bad


Anonymous Anonymous said...

21-23 mpg not too bad... yeah when you're in a country where petrol is cheaper than water, maybe!!!

A/C on a Triumph - I've been looking at saloons in preparation for my Queensland trip and notices A/C mentioned. Strangely enough i've never heard of the English ones having it (no surprises there). What's the system that they use? is it any good? what are the chances of it being knackered out on any car that I buy?

I can see I'm going to be asking you lots of questions about Aussie triumphs!



January 17, 2005 at 5:38 PM  
Blogger andy t said...

Oz aircon was very common on later model 2500TC and 2500S ie 75 to 79 models... probably as an attempt to sell the later models against increasing Jap and Euro competition.

Generally it was dealer fitted from new.. a few models actually used a Triumph designed integral heater/ aircon unit which looks like standard inside and is very neat... most cars had an add-on where the passenger parcel shelf used to live...

Generally the units are pretty releable but the main issue is that CFC friendly air con gas will leak out of an old system and hence the hoses all need to be replaced before regassing... not impossible if you like that sort of thing...

Also if the cooling sysem is not completely up to scratch, turning on the aircon will cook the motor..

You might find a Triumph with good aircon at the upper end of the market $3000 -5000... less than that unlikely....

January 18, 2005 at 1:00 PM  
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