Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The quest for more bhp

This is a ongoing development program.. baseline testing was in July with the setup i have been running for about 4 years.
Untouched for weeks driven straight to the dyno with a tank of BP 98 she gave 128 rwhp and 172 lb/ft of torque after a couple of runs to clear the plugs



I came back after 2 weeks and a bit of spannering with my new 6-3-1 but nothing else changed.


It ran the same topend power but had about 15% more torque from 2800 - 4500 rpm peaking at +190lb ft at just over 4000. After this it tailed back to the same top end power as previous

Work since then has included

1.Retiming the camshaft, Wade advise 102 deg (ie 3deg advanced) for the 444C 105 and it was at 108 so 6 degrees retarded over design. Think I installed it in error at 105deg +/- a degree and time and wear had retarded it further

That made a huge difference. Noticeably more "cammy" now and pulls with gusto through to plus 6000 whereas before it tailed off.

2. Adding 0.002" to the full load fueling to give 0.076"

3. Increasing fuel pressure to 130psi

4. Changed the dizzy to a solid state A123 billet job. Curve 7 - 10deg static 31deg max

Need to get back to the dyno asap to see what I have managed but seat of the pants testing says a big improvement