Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Brakes for the Mk1 ... Gearbox/Clutch update

Bitten the bullet (again) and will be very soon fitting Nissan 4 wheel disc's. A amalgam of Z32 (300ZX twin turbo) alloy calipers and 280mm (11inch ;-) ) x 30mm (warpfree?) vented Discs at the front and solid discs and a Nissan Silvia caliper with handbrake capability at the back.

This will all be done for <$2000 using new discs and reconditioned calipers with laser cut adaptors. I will update when the job is started. The white beasty is currently at Markich undergoing gearbox surgery (slipping OD on the overun and buggered clutch ... I hope)

Turns out the noisy clutch and bad sounds generally is the Flywheel coming loose!!!! It is a aluminium jobby with 8 high grade bolts holding it on. 3-4 bolts still OK but glad I caught it in time, definitely not something that I'd want to have got any worse.

The overdrive will be replaced with a Dolomite Sprint unit upgraded as per Homologation papers description (basically increase the pressure)...

New uprated clutch cover also fitted