Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Old and New Posted by Hello

Mabel and Mabel II.... Not sure about the names but this was the picture on Sunday afternoon with the 'new' 2000 pretty much complete and my wifes original 2500S looking a bit dejected and awaiting the scrapman. Although the body shell is not too bad on a UK scale, the rust had taken hold in the front wings and chassis rails and the boot floor was pretty sick.. proves that the late models (it is a 77 shell) rust more freely in Oz too...


Anonymous Léon F Guyot said...

To my knowledge, the late 1970s Triumphs were built using cheap imported Czechoslovakian Steel hence the rusting problem.

It afflicted Stags and TR7s of that period too.

Earlier Triumphs - at least until 1967 - used steel from The Steel Company of Wales down in Cardiff, good stuff.

The earlier steel was low-carbon content, thicker and easier to weld with less spitting back, whereas the more recent steel is high-carbon content, thinner and faster rusting.

ps. did you know that Valencia Blue Triumphs rust more slowly because of the high lead content of that colour paint, especially compared with white Triumphs?



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