Saturday, August 15, 2009

More EFI bits + trigger wheel sorted

Managed to find the time to whip the crank damper +pulleys off and fit a lathe modified front pulley with a 6.5" 36-1 Trigger wheel welded to the aircon pulley.
Had to space the compressor forward by 4mm to get the pulleys in alignment - aircon is nice when its 40+ deg but really impinges on the amount of room on the N/S of the engine. Just need to rig up a bracket to hold the VR sensor and the I can due a quick temporary rig up to get the 10deg BTDC default setting fixed up with the EDIS not connected to Megasquirt

Why is it you always spot a missing fan blade on a Saturday afternoon when you had access to 20 of the things on Friday afternoon :-(

Also got a Ford Falcon Coil pack and EDIS 6 and some wiring sorted. Luckily Oz is over-run with straight six EFI cars so a Falcon injector loom was obtained for free and will be just the job