Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Road Trip to TSOA National - Clare Valley SA - Part 2

So as per usual three thirsty triumphs filling up with what turned out to be mouldy 98 Octane fuel in Ceduna on the thursday evening after a 1100km run from Fraser range. A top up of premium(?) unleaded fuel at Nullabor Roadhouse had made all our cars run like crap and we were hoping the BP Ultimate would help on Fridays run into Clare.
Wandered down onto the harbour front at Ceduna for excellent fish and chips - the sign reminded us how far we'd come.
After an excellent sleep we had a hearty breakfast and made our way east into quite a stormy looking outlook. We had a little light rain but luckily we missed the worst of the weather which we were chasing east.
Humph had the only issue of the run just outside Kimba with an aired up injector - just few minutes to bleed it and he was packing up his tools again
Wondering why Humph and Ken were dawdling along at 100km/h I went to pass them all only to notice blue and red light on the Hilux ahead - DOH! Turned out to be a Park Ranger!
On the home straight here- through the salt bush badlands heading down towards Port Augusta. A fuel stop at Kimba had invigorated our engines with the first 'fresh' high octane fuel in SA. Humph in particular noticed a huge difference - well you would with 11.6:1 CR
Didn't get any photo's between Port Augusta and Clare - but here we are in our apartment - the cleaners must have loved us as we unloaded our spares and extra R tyres into the hallway!
And parked at rest with some other National Rally participants
First proper day at the nationals was "Show and Shine" at Auburn where we made a small effort to be presentable.
Great turn out including a doppelganger of my car(!) but to be honest we were all ready to head back to Clare and prepare our cars for the Malalla Supersprint. 2600kms in 3 days means you feel its worth checking a few things before a maximum attack track day.
When we got back to Clare a beautiful Mk1 PI of Steve Phelan had arrived all the way from Brisbane - complete with 10kg bag of ice on its Lucas pump. Another epic roadtrip of over 2000kms - auto too but not for much longer!
Sunday morning demonstrated the large diurnal range of the Clare Valley and why its so good for vineyards. It was also bloody cold! Ken had to scrap the ice off his screen!
Humphs car re-tyred with Yokohama A048 and warming up for the cruise down to Mallala Raceway
At Mallala we were sidetracked from competition by this gorgeous Mk1 estate of Trevor Lindsay

Our garage - lots of discussions and new information from the eastern states racers
TR7 Sprints and TR8 prepping

To be continued ( when I have some decent photo's of the supersprint!)


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