Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Council of war under the bonnet

Andy and Humph try to free the old head Posted by Hello

I'm glad Triumphs 6 pots are more forgiving the the cylinder head department than Stags and Jags....

Ready for new head Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A smoother rear end for Mabel II

New bushes , driveshafts and 3.45 diff into the 2000 Posted by Hello

Replacement diff (ex 2500S) plus datsun driveshafts and polybushes for the back end of the wifes 2000 were fitted whilst waiting for Humph's cylinder head to cool down.

Humphrey enters the power race with Jeff

Old and new heads for Jeff Posted by Hello

Pictured is the new and old cylinder head for Humph's Mk1 . He has used Chris Witor oversize inlets and had $450 worth of porting and flow work done by our head Guru , Luigi. We removed the old and fitted the new head on Sunday afternoon and now the car is off to have a custom 6-3-1 extractor and exhaust system built.