Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diff swap

This tickled me on the way to work this morning - 1920's(?) Chevrolet half tonner ute - doing quite nicely at about 55mph down Greenmount hill with no obvious brakes.

Popped home early today so had a spare hour or so to swap the 3.45 diff in the 2.5 over to a newly built 3.7 ratio unit which the new 2100EFI engine will prefer

Old and new on the shed floor - 3.45 is perfectly healthy so into spares stock!

New diff back in time for supper. I had left my youngest one (3 y.o) on my iPad playing Dora games and came back in stinking of gear oil to find her listening to Roxy Music and thumbing through pictures of herself as a baby.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Old friends, old TR's and daily drivers

Few shots I haven't had time to upload from Friday beers at Markich Here is Gavin Adams battle scarred TR5 fresh from Targa Tasmania. Behind is my dads old 2500S estate that I imported to Oz in 2000 for a rustfree retirement!
This made me quite sad/proud - it seems simple but its an offcut of Wilton carpet my Dad bought from the factory door and then made into a cover rug about 20 years ago - still doing sterling work!
View of Gavin's modified Surrey top and FIA cage
A couple of everyday Mk1's in for routine work
A tidy but grubby 1977 Stag in everyday use - West Perth
Gathering on a Friday afternoon at Markich for a beer and a yarn.