Monday, August 31, 2015

Long time no blog

No update in ages - not that I haven't been busy. Just busier doing stuff than updating what I'm doing which on balance is more productive. Picture below show where me and Ken have spent a fair few weekends and tuesday nights - Humphs pad in the suburbs of Wembley where collectively we have reconstructed his mild mannered 1968 Triumph 2000 auto into a snorting beast of 2.7 fuel injected high compression madness.
 My TR6 and Ken Bryants 4.3 V8 outside humphs

The new white beast after first fire up 

The noisy bit - running a Farndon steel crank, Shacktune steel flywheel, Pauter steel rods and forged GTT 77mm pistons. With a slightly bonkers 11.75 CR and a Hybrid Le Mans Spitfire spec cam it promises to be quite a mover when back on the circuits.
 My TR was sounding and feeling very rough and investigation led to non-existent gearbox rubber mounts - dissolved by a torrent of oil out of the selector o-rings. Not sure if anyone is familiar with replacing the little blighters but experience of a few TR people over here says the replacement O-rings are worse than useless and a better type of O-ring called a quad ring solves the perpetual problem.

The O rings are a standard imperial size 1/2" ID and 11/16" OD  3/32" section
Size reference 112
 Whilst under the gearbox cover I found that all bell housing bolts loose to some degree and the gearbox oil was like black soup - easy to drain and refill at this stage.
 Ken helped rebuild the selectors which are a bit of a puzzle to the uninitiated - ceratinly a good couple of hours required to do them properly - added the missing spring and metal widget to the base of the gear lever and generally tighten up some slack in the selectors.
The result is a much tighter gear change - no more jumping out of 2nd gear (I think) , no gearstick buzz and really smooth driveline thanks to the new rubbers.

My 2100 EFI got a bit of a makeover at the weekend with CV rear driveshafts from the UK
They only took about an hour to fit on the Markich 2 poster and whilst we were there added another cherry bomb to the exhaust to keep me sane. Thanks Russell
The datsun shafts I removed were in an OK state but one of the Tridat UJ's was half seized and both Triumph hubs slightly noisy - The difference in refinement is really quite remarkable and shows how a droney back end creeps up on you - the partially seized inner UJ was even creating a diff whine (resonance?) which is now gone.

The ultimate indulgence are Shacktune's Titanium wheel nuts - seen here fitted with Mk1 escort 55mm wheel studs.