Friday, November 20, 2009

Video Link

Here are some vid's of George Cameron's Tr7 V8 at various TSOA WA meets and other sprint

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Greek Landrovers and Megasquirt progress

Graham Reeks doing a spot of servicing on the 'Bench'

A few detailed shots of the current layout of my EFI setup. I was lucky to find a Falcon air trunk to allow a neat route to a remote KN up in front of the radiator. Not happy with the ignition lead lengths (too long) and just need to wire up a few sensors (TPS , coolant IAC and inlet air temp) probably take the loom through the inner wing as much as possible to keep it uncluttered. Need to set up the wideband O2lambda and enlarge the bulkhead hole for a discovery throttle cable....then its ready to fire up :-)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Classics of Perth rush hour

A few happy snaps from my drive home over the last day or so....

Valiant coupe ~1968 .... basically a Dodge Coronet?

Ford Futura Sprint? 289 V8 ~1965-66

Marcos !!!!!

Rover 2000 auto :-)

And a nice Shadow II complete with a pair of golden bollox... classy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update on TSOA day + Megasquirt

Been a bit busy and not really had enough time for everything.

TSOA national went Ok until my diff cried enough. Maybe my guest driver summarized it better as an outside observer?

My best time I got was literally my first competitive lap in the dry at collie in over 2 years before I was held up a bit by having to negotiate slower cars. It was also a personal best at 56.2sec but I had no chance to chip away at this time over the rest of the session (a 55sec or better lap was definitely a probability as there are a few corners where you need to build speed as you get confidence in the grip conditions).
Humph's PI was howling and he started in the mid 57's and got down to 56sec dead by the end of the third session. The new hybrid cam concept we are trialling definitely has improved power and torque and if anything, Humphs engine has benefitted most as he runs a 11.4:1 CR versus my 10.8:1 and the new inlet cam profile with a closing timing of 77deg ABDC needs a high CR to get the most out of it.

Any it was a good day marred only by a nasty finish line roll by a Victorian TR8 dhc at the "hillclimb" finish. No injuries but a sad TR and a definite advert for the NECESSITY of roll bars in open cars. I think the accident could have had a very different outcome without the rollover protection.
Megasquirt is so nearly ready... fitted up 95% of the hardware at the weekend and now I'm just tinkering away at getting the wiring and hose details as neat and as user friendly as possible. Should be ready very soon....
Now trying to get another diff too and mine needs to come out for a post mortem