Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Interesting website... and more product reviews

Just in case anyone doesn't have the link.

Keep up the good work Dave.

Whilst we're on the topic of reviewing products, the small end bushes for the Stag made by County are no bloody good. There is not enough whitemetal on the steel backing to allow honing to the correct tolerance.

If you are thinking of fitting these bushes do yourself a favour and use Healey 3000 small end bushes with a slight overbore of the small end. Much better :-) This will effect Stags and Dolomite 1850, Sprints and Tr7's. Not sure if a better OE spec bush exists anymore.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

All I want for Christmas is.... 3 more gears

Bit the bullet this afternoon and spent a few hours at Markich Motors scavenging enough old scrap to convert my daily 2500 to manual overdrive.. gives me something to box on with when the Christmas spirit runs low.

Rebuilt the slave and master cylinders (they were stainless sleeved) and redrilled an early Mk1 2000 flywheel to suit my Mk1 PI crank.

Just need to build an overdrive loom and do a little fettling...

Should keep me busy for a day

Monday, December 17, 2007


Pretty slack update here as no photo's but I'll rectify that in a day or so..

Anyway the fleet is currently as follows:

2500 EFi ... Daily driver 300 miles a week returning about 23-24mpg in moderately heavy rush hour traffic and thrashed as much as you can a 2500 auto with a 60mph limit :-/
Needs a bit of recalibration but the original builder of the system has gone AWOL so I'm working out editing GM binary files.. pretty easy in fact. Apart from that no issues, just change the oil and filter every 10 weeks and give it the odd polish.

2.5PI (white car) ... hasn't turned a wheel for a couple of weeks (since the last run at the drag strip), needs new tyres. Looking at 205/50 x 15 DO3 Dunlops in an intermediate / hard compound.. will lower the gearing a touch which will help the bottom end with the new CR gearset. I am looking at getting a gripper 4.11:1 LSD built to replace the 3.7:1 Quaife which will be retired onto the newly rebuilt Stag.
No further progress with brakes but the twin cylinder bias pedal box is built and will be fitted soon once brake pipes are made and checked. The Alfin style 240Z rear drums also need machining and some (soft) rear linings sourced.

Stag.. still undergoing heart surgery. All the major parts are machined and assembly will commence in early new year. It will be +0.040 overbored with ported/ flowed heads and extractors. Just picked up the bottom end bits from the balancers... not too bad, the pistons are now lighter than original standard bore ones and we got 3.0kg off the flywheel... crank only needed a polish :-) , it is +0.020 on the big ends and 0.030 on the mains... still trying to source some VP mains but don't think I'll have any joy.
Heads needed a fair bit of surgery with bored out follower housings and a wee bit of welding... may have to skim the inlet manifold to get it sitting nicely.

2500Pi Estate. Body surgery is drawing to a close. tailgate has been sourced and delivered from the UK and the engine bay need minor metalwork before painting and refitting of the engine. The motor assembly has been reshelled and a lightened flywheel and new sach clutch fitted to address some minor issues. Respray to wedgewood will commence early in 2008 . 15 x 7 superlites have been ordered for trial fitting (rear arches may need slight relieving before painting commences)

Herald. Still in the Uk awaiting final documentation