Monday, May 27, 2013

Back on the road

Nice new steel flywheel - courtesy of Shacktune. 4kg and built in ring gear. Held on by 4 ARP bolts and 4 Grade 8 capheads.
Finally got hold of the ceramic puck clutch plate - alignment tool was a 3/8 extension with race tape wrapped around to mimic the input shaft spline
It worked
Gearbox on place - no photos of us heaving and swearing

Back on the ground and cam run in at 2000rpm for 15minutes
Test run revealed the need for more top-end fuel so 0.05" added to the full load setting - currently 0.072" - final tweak will be done on a rolling road check this week

Friday, May 17, 2013

3 useful hours in a shed

Managed to finally get all the required parts to complete re-assembly after my cam swap and gearbox rebuild.

7.30pm  Block has been cleaned and cam timed in previously - studs polished on the wire wheel and installed hand tight
The part holding me up was valve springs and retainers - received Wednesday afternoon
valve springs on the inlets have been swapped out from jag springs to something with 1/2 a working coil less.
Onto the block
Different (shorter) pushrods - these are 8" early Mk2 2000 pushrods - the 81/8" 2500PI one is at the bottom to show the difference. These were required to account for the larger base circle of the new cam
Head torqued to 75lb/ft and rocker installed and adjusted to an initial 0.013"
Waterpump and alternator back on.
Setting up the timing for the injection
And on with the Metering unit
Exhaust next - always enjoy working with this bit
Long after the pain of paying for this manifold you can enjoy looking at it
All fitted ready for the inlets - almost no need for double jointed fingers
Always try and keep these as a set - saves a lot of fiddling about
Looking better - bit of fiddling to synchronise everything - unfortunately my Jig is elsewhere currently
All ready for a initial start-up this side
123 Tune dizzy installed just need to set up the static timing before it can run.

10.30pm Time for bed now - good 3 hours work.

Tommorrow nights installment - gearbox!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Markich Gems - PI estate progress

Just a few happy snaps from Perth over the last few days - This is a local DBS V8 running (troublesome) aftermarket EFI - nice motor though!
 My 2000 - Stag and "competitor" Pagoda 230SL Merc
 Lovely old thing - on mechanical injection  even starts on 5 cylinders like a TR6!
 David Markichs Stag and the ex Nick Jones Herald sporting a new cooler roof
 Rear Sundym windows into the PI estate courtesy of an evenings work with Ken

Another job on the go - the restoration and POR15 sealing of the Stags rusty fuel tank this shows it before restorative powers of POR15 rust killer and sealant
An after treatment - seems to have a PI tank fitted with swirl pot. Although no fuel return from a PRV to actually keep it full!!
 Inherited by Markich due to bereavement - PI Hartridge calibration rig - should have some fun with this
Saloons taking over at Markich this evening