Friday, August 27, 2010

Lots of bits and bobs

Spent a busy day running around with a long list fixing things that I need to progress various projects -

Number 1 was to fix up a the collector on a new 6-3-1 I've had made as otherwise they drive you insane. Added some home made pinch bolts to prevent leakage. This will be set up with a 2" Chris Witor Supersports system on my new 2.1 EFI engine - should sound sweet

Comparison with my old Mike Randall system currently off Humphs PI as it has a new bottom end being built - decent 6-3-1's are like buses - you don't see any then they all appear at once :-)

Humph now has Pauter Steel Rods and Gareth Thomas Forged 77mm pistons after continual failure of Mazda piston whilst using 11:1 CR - needed a new block due to terminal block damage from a failed NO. 6 piston ring land.

Interloper at Markich Triumph - the owner Terry McGrath has 20 Jags including 12 XK's !!!!!!!

Fitted up my new 4.11:1 Salisbury style LSD with output flanges, oil seal and backplate ready for a quick swap over - half filled with foul smelling 80W/140 Penrite LSD oil - reckon it would be perfect for Herald Trunnions - I'll bung this in at the weekend

My exhaust welder is also my PI Estate restorer and the shell is verging on complete after some further reinforcing of the sunroof aperture. Should be fully painted in Wedgewood by October

Looking forward to the RBRR :-))