Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shacktune Damper - The Shackler

Somethings that has been in the pipeline a while is a new front damper.

The design and build quality is outstanding neat and fits like a glove. It needs a Herald water pump pulley but other than that effectively bolts straight on once the spacer between the old harmonic damper and the timing chain pulley is removed.

New pulley is 4.8kg -old one is 3.2kg
Old and new -I know which one I'm happier to do 6500rpm with
Integral oil seal sleeve on rear of the Shackler
Removing the old spacer
Bolting the shackler on
Just waiting on a ND alternator and we're away. I have marked TDC and will get timing marks for ignition and cam timing marks engraved onto the damper at a future date