Friday, June 23, 2006

Almost done

Friday afternoon having a beer a Markich Motors... USA GT6+, Spit Mk3, Spitty 2.5PI, TR4 TR8 2500TC and the white thing in attendance

Engine almost ready to go... nice new pistons waiting for the cam

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Waiting for the cam

Spoke to Wade Cams today, the cam I sent needs two lobes repairing with hard facing then the regrind followed by tuftriding if required..

Not going to see it for at least 10 days... the Stag will have to continue on baby duties

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On the mend

Well the bottom end is almost fixed, just waiting on the cam. The original 308778 PI cam was scarily stuffed.. guess it's all getting old now :-(

Turned out it was well worthwhile changing the pistons as No3. had a broken oil ring (hence plug fouling and burnt exhaust valve) and No's 5 and 6 had a broken top compression ring despite seemingly good compression.

Quick honing to allow the new pistons/rings to bed in and have reshelled the bigends to be on the safe side too.

The head is done with its full set of Nissan valves.

Will be fitting quite a nice mild Wade cam 275deg duration and 0.262" lift. Early PI is 270deg and 0.230" lift, TR5 is 280deg but only 0.250" lift. I think so should get about 145bhp with the current head work and witor extractors.

It's starting to feel like fun again

Monday, June 12, 2006

Bugger!! update....Good news 1 - Bad news 2

Well I've just spent the day stripping down Del's engine..

Initially it was good news... just a badly burnt no. 3 exhaust valve... until that is I checked the rest and they were all "in trouble to a greater or lesser extent. I think the spec of the exhaust valves available over here (they were new 18 months and 18k miles ago) leaves a little to be desired. The unleaded seats were spotless.

I am now going to Datsun 1600 exhaust valves which are 33mm as standard and stellite faced. They will need turning down to 31.25mm but should be indestructible according to my head guru. The guides need a quick hone to suit... same as my inlets which use 38mm datsun valves.

OK... that will be sorted quickly.. in fact already done.. now the bad news. Piston 3 is definitely passing too much oil.. the bore looks fine but something is amiss.... so I will be fitting 6 new +0.040" pistons. Not so bad as I would hate to need to do it in another 12 months anyway.

Any the really bad news... checked a couple of cam followers and they are stuff.... wierd really as I used a good S/H early PI cam and carefully refaced Stanpart followers... oh well nothing for it.. I will fit a mild Wade 113 cam. 275 duration 30-65 66-30 and 0.262" lift so somewhere between a PI cam and a TR5... meant to give very good torque.

Found a slightly stuffed late PI 3 ring cam and that is now in express post to Melbourvne for a re-grind

Monday, June 05, 2006

Oz... land of old british motors

I would say there are more Triumphs 2000’s (and derivatives) on the road in Oz than anywhere else in the world…

I would put this down to several factors

- Until about 15 years ago they were actually quite advanced compared to standard ozzy cars
-NO cheap imports allowed into the country
- Expensive when new and lowish depreciation + owners tended to hang on to them for more than 2-3 years (which is typical in UK) hence well maintained and higher survival rate
- No banger racers buying them up cheap and driving them into destruction (students substitute here :-) )
- Strong tendency for ex-pats to own them… and they like the fact that they don’t rust
- No salt on the roads hence terminal rust is rare
- No Roadworthy inspections in some states
- cheaper fuel

Sunday, June 04, 2006

EFI is getting there

Been busy on all fronts so EFI is taking a "lower" priority but still getting there.

To date I have fitted the MAP sensor, Oxygen sensor and temp sensor

Next the wiring loom..... ECU may have live under the passenger seat... better make sure it has a good diaphragm