Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Track day issues

Gave my white PI a good flogging around Wanneroo but failed to beat my personnal best - My car showed its indignance at my inability to drive it quick enough by locking it's brakes and me ending up hitting a sand trap at about 100mph - oops - very stuck with brakes smoking heavily as the pads tried to weld themselves to the cherry red discs - got dragged out by a 4WD Toyota fire truck - oil light flickering at idle and running on five -

Fixed up the injector - rubber sliver in number 5 and hosed out all the sand from everywhere - seemed to be OK - not sure about that oil light - reshelled 500miles ago - might be that I had just done 6 flat out laps and had effectively hit the kill switch at 100mph - must have all been a bit hot!!!!!

Made it home OK - serious wheel shake from minilite spokes full of sand!!! Now contemplating binning my Nissan Skyline servo (needed the displacement in the master cylinder for the Nissan GTR calipers all round) and fitting my previously built but not fitted non servo'ed twin Tilton master cylinder set up - Nissan Servo is twin diaphragm 6:1 ratio assistance - horrible modern thing designed for ABS and light brakes - too sensitive for last of the late brakers