Thursday, January 28, 2010

Virtually rust free bodyshell going very cheap

Going very cheap. 1972 2000 straight with no structural rust
Dave Markich 08 9271 4834

Make a great rally / motorsport base... tiny bit of rust in bottom corner of NSF arch otherwise pretty much rust free ... any one in UK need a basis for a re-shell?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Old Gloria and NOS CWP

This old 1936 Triumph Gloria is having some repairs at Markich Motors. The odd thing about it is a very 'professional' look Riley 2.5 engine conversion whereas standard factory fit was Coventry Climax 4 or 6pot. Not sure of the vintage of the conversion but Donald Healey had an assocation with pre-war triumphs (think Dolomite straight 8) and used the Riley engine immediately postwar in the Healey Silverstone.

Apparently five of these twin cam ohv engined Glorias were built but was it factory or aftermarket? Certainly looks very 'original'

Good find here at Markich, courtesy of the twisted arsehole. A NOS 3.45 CWP which will need a little modification so as to be able to use a non-collapsible spacer. This diff ratio will go into my white PI with the Quaife LSD and combined with slightly smaller 205/50 Dunlop rubber and Stag ratios replacing the STR53 CR gears currently in use I am hoping for ratios more suited to the torque of my 2.7 PI