Saturday, October 24, 2009

White PI up and running + Greek visitor

Pictured just before I slapped the rocker cover back on and fired it up. Ran it for 10 minutes at 2000rpm with a litre too much oil in the sump + cam lube so hopefully no issues with cam wear on start up. I know that there are many differing opinions on cam run in but this works for me.
Just been to put some fuel in and it drives nicely. Bit flat at 2500revs, off cam feel but then very smooth and torquey from 2800 onwards and just using a whisper of throttle we're up to about 5300revs in every gear without even trying so that 100mph ooopps... its nice and strong then.
Just need to change the oil (Castrol RS 10W60) , filter, retorque the head and change a couple of injector hoses that I still haven't got round to doing.
Brakes feel fine (DS2500 pads) and I'm really looking forward to the Collie Sprint.
Might have a guest driver if I can wangle the paperwork as a certain Mr Greeks and co are on his way down to South West WA. He has already accepted a yellow Stag as courtesy car for a week or so.
Fun fun

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rush jobs for the TSOA National November 1

I guess I've been relatively lucky just needing to change cams and upgrade discs and pads on my white PI. This is Ron Marians TR6 engine. It ran a cam journal at the Wanneroo TSOA sprint but upon stripping the cause of the journal failure was the adjacent lobe failing which literally filled the oilways with swarf causing the cam to partially seize in the block (no bearings) and then get into the mains and big ends... yikes. I helped out my selling Ron a original TR5 cam that I had picked off ebay for 50 quid a few years back.. it was in perfect original nick but didn't have the 2-rings identification although the TR5 Part no. was scribed into a flat as per early PI cams. Hence the reason it went cheap...

The motor is now running and feels strong (these photos are a few days old) after a crank grind, cam bearings line bored and spitty bearings inserted + new rings and a hone.

This is Martin Eyers TR8 which is in the process of being reshelled after a major incident on the Targa West event where Martin hit a concrete wall and comprehensively reshaped his bodywork. I helped source a new shell which has had to be completely repainted and now is being trimmed. One of the complications with this car is it is fitted with a Discovery 2 4.0litre EFI V8 so imagine the one off wiring loom which needs to be re-installed!!!

Needs to be ready in 6 days time.....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Manifold Finished... almost ready for installation of megasquirt

Fuel rail secured by 5/16UNC threaded bar and locknuts

Just waiting on a few wiring loom connectors to finish off the loom (adapted from a six pot Ford falcon) and to connect the Megasquirt loom to the TPS.

Discovery Throttle cable arrived today and although a bit long it will fit fine and adapt easily once the bulkhead hole is enlarged to Rover proportions.
Fuel hose pretty much done, just waiting on an ebay 300kpa /43psi regulator ex-Ford XR6 to complete the plumbing in the engine bay.
Once the ordered Bosch connectors arrive it will be time to swap the TBI to MPFI !! Beena bit of a drawn out process.. what with work, 3 kids, rebuilding the white Pi and having to use the 2500 everyday.
Guess the Stag should be readied for summer now the 30+ deg days are beckoning as it does have the best aircon.... give me a chance to set up the megasquirt over a few days

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

EFI Manifold progress

Definitely getting there now. Fuel rail is drilled for injectors and fuel fittings. Just need to get a final 5/16 unc tap to allow fuel rail to be attached using the old injector mounting points and a reducer for a vacuum take off for the Megasquirt MAP sensor.
I am going to try the vacuum sensor takeoff point utilising as the the old idle air tube off the plenum log. If it doesn't give a stable reading I shall try elsewhere.
Brass 3/8 fitting is for servo vacuum take off. Engine crankcase breather will feed into the Throttle body as per Rover and idle air valve will feed into 1/2" tube where old idle screw was situated.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

EDIS 6 success... by Heath Robinson

Just to check the coil pack wiring and EDIS module and VR sensor will work before rehashing the injection side, I jerry rigged the set up with the Dizzy module still attached (for the current ECU injector signal).

Fired up first time and same experience as everyone else... SMOOTH as silk even on only 10 BTDC limp home setting.... definitely reccomended. Just need to rig up a dizzy pedastal with a core plug to blank it off and a coil pack mounting and its all done

More (slow) EFI progress

Finished my plenum / throttle body yesterday. Got a flange laser cut for the Range Rover throttle body. Welded on with 4 captive 1/4 unf studs. Fabricated a throttle cable bracket for a Discovery cable. Cleaned it up and painted crackle black for the factory look.

Just waiting on a fuel rail and a bit of plumbing now.....

BTW I have several spare flanges (minimum order from the laser people) in both 74mm (Land Rover) and 64mm sizes with Ford Type PCD. Contact me if your interested... much cheapness!!

The Oz Ford Falcon TB pictured above are very common (read virtually free) but have a problematic throttle cable action (pull from the wrong side) which I'm sure could be overcome. Anyhow I got 4 flanges made for the Ford TB just in case....