Monday, November 22, 2010

Sump off and lovely TR5

Got sump off at Markich on Friday to fit an oil temperature sender and check / replace the oil pump
Steel bridge piece= leak free front plate
Studs in the rear alloy piece= no more stripped threads
WE fitted a NOS oil pump with better clearance although the current pump was OK, it did some show some scars from ingesting bits of cam lobes. Testing on the way home 33deg day- 60psi hot and 80 deg oil temp- with no thrashing - so an oil cooler probably was necessary!

Ron Marians1968 TR5 at Markich- WA delivered (Premier motors)- crashed in 1984 -restored in 2010.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oil cooler fitted

Whipped out the rad and squeezed my 25 Row oil cooler in complete with 1500psi rated Hydraulic hoses !!
Also fitted a longer Z37 Ryco oil filter
Bit snug up front and partially masked - hence the fitment of the biggest one I could physically fit. Should do the job.
Next is to drop the sump and check the oil pump clearances -it's a blue printed Witor Job but I have two very good spares well within tolerance if it's a bit worn. Will also plasti-gauge the crank bearings and weld in a fitting for the Racetech oil temp gauge. Will try Castrol 10W/60 oil

Monday, November 01, 2010

Pics and Vids from TSOA Sprint

 Mark Dobsons Targa TR8

Gaggle of TR8's followed by Lotus Exige hotly pursued by Humphs Mk1 PI

Andy Miller giving it maximum attack

Andy Miller giving it maximum attack part 2