Friday, March 22, 2013

Progress at last

Been a busy few months with the day job (see page 6 here SIRIUS SULPHIDES) but finally I have had a few days spare to get things back togther
This was the state of my Racetoration flywheel - pretty ugly where it was working loose again on the crank. The Shacktune steel one is lighter too - 4.12kg versus 4.46kg. Thanks to an integral ring gear.
Gearbox is back together with new Synchro's (Shacktune) , new syncchro hubs and new bearings with the ST053 close ratios and 25% J Type comp overdrive.
Old flywheel had made a decent job of wrecking my clutch plate so the last thing needed is a new one (on order)
Meanwhile the Racelite magnesium wheels have had a spruce up with a proper aircraft spec refurb. Media blasted followed by Di-Chromate etch, 2 pack primer and Boeing spec ($1000 for 4litres)  landing gear 2 pack top coat.
Looking better than ever I treated them to new 225/50 Yokohama Advan A050 R - they are meant to be about as good as current road legal tyre technology gets.