Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2100 EFI build Part 4

Been busy selling cars - Herald gone to a friend who was trying to build one out of two wrecks - buying mine was easier. A shame but some pragmatic rationalisation of the fleet was necessary! Kids will now have to learn to drive in the Stag which they readily agreed to..
Also sold the Disco V8 this morning which was surplus after buying a newer TD5 with more kit- it's off to Newman, WA to explore gorges.

I took the opportunity to swap some cars about and put the 2500 soon to be 2100 into the shed.

First a disappointment with crap gear this evening - went to replace the simplex tensioner in the timing cover with a newly purchased duplex one (repro item) and it doesn't fit - so I dug out a new stanpart one I was saving for the white car and found it was a simplex one too - so I dug out a S/H stanpart item and fitted that instead. Below is the used Stanpart duplex tensionor. 1.037"
And here (below)is the repro item 1.174" - not only is it physically too wide to comfortably sit under the timing cover but the end that is pinned to the cover is too wide. I will be suggest to the supplier to try and rectify the situation but I'm happy with the used one - minimal wear really for a 40 year old item. Only $7.50 wasted
After sleeping on it from Sunday, I went back to the cam timing and rechecked everything. Just to confirm that I had TDC properly determined and max lift of No.1 inlet correct. All good. Then to check inlet lift at the cam at TDC (which decent cam suppliers will alway tell you) . That was 0.091" so spot on, then just as a final check I measured the duration at 0.050" which came out as per spec at 240deg.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2100 EFI build Part 3

Slightly better pictures now - phone was on macro - oops

Kai Raddicke cam followers ( ) and Penrite assembly lube

Vitesse / GT6 flywheel temporary installed to assist with cam timing. Found out that 107deg ATDC is also 35 teeth on the ring gear.
Timing in cam using max lift at 107deg. Adjustable vernier makes life easier whatever people's opnion on them. This one is from Goodparts.

Checking the lift on inlet cam at TDC which was spot on specification from the supplier.

Pretty much ready for the head now - just need a final valve lapping and clean up.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2100 EFI build Part 2

Excuse the picture quality

Don't tell the wife - Ken Bryant helps assemble the pistons on the kitchen bench

Tuftrided crank cleaned and ready for assembly

VP2 -0.010 mains in place oiled with SAE85/140 Lim Slip Oil

Checking crank endfloat - set at 0.007"

Assembled Wiseco pistons and Pauter rods. Few quid on this table.

Sparkly crank installed with ARP main bolts torqued to 70lb/ft. Would have prefered a stud kit here but should be fine. Mains caps have been resized and line bored to spec. They were +0.002 out of line as dismantled.

-0.010" VP2 bigends - hard to find !!!

Rear main double lip seal installed with studs loctited into alloy housing. Good modification to prevent possible stripped thread in the alloy.

Pistons and cam in. ARP2000 bigend bolts only needing 26lb/ft !

Oil pump and rods all fitted. Oil pump body secured to the block with the tiniest smear of loctite and sump pickup loctited into postion.

Short motor complete bar timing in the cam. Pistons are running +0.008" proud of the decked block. With the slightly thicker US sourced oversize headgasket this will give 11.1 CR