Thursday, December 19, 2013

Busy times

Been a busy few months since the 10CR - lots of Triumph activity but been slack on the blog due to distractions - including Facepage. I currently have Humphs new Mk1 project residing in my shed where we are rectifying a few minor bodywork issues and generally refreshing a few service items so that we can get it over the pits and registered in WA - its a South Australian car so probably never been inspected from new - no yearly MOT equivalent in SA just like WA. Lots of gaitors and fiddly things changed plus a major degrease and service

It required minor welding to the drivers front inner sill and jacking point and a bit of metal work on the front corners where the inner and outer wings meet - found a lot of factory lead loading in these areas - Aus thing or UK too?

Hopefully get it all sorted very soon to make room for my cars! Plan is to register it and then use it as a basis for Humphs competition car - his current two tone Cactus and black car will be retired , converted to standard spec and sold on.

Only serious event recently was the VSCC vintage stampede - good fun but rain and mechanical woes of other cars conspired to limit track time - had fun circulating with Humph and some rapid Mk1 RS2000's - warped my Nissan Skyline discs to destruction - more on this later
2.5PI Gitfire at Wanneroo
Quick trip to UK for a mining conference also involved pick up of some new brake componentry from Shacktune enterprises and some beer consumption in Nottingham
Part of the Shacktune BFB kit about to go in the suitcase
Engineering drawing of the alloy hub / integral disc bell that will be made in early 2014