Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Darling Scarp Ascent

Recent VSCC hillclimb attended by about 60 historic/classic vehicles

Three Triumphs in attendance... Myself, Gavin Adams TR5 and John d'Espeissis in a TR8

I narrowly beat the TR8 with a 54.87 versus a 56.23 with Gavin needing a bit more grip trailing at 59.66. fastest time of the day was a 49.33 by a modified Formula Ford

It's cold out here

As the rest of the northern world basks in globally warmed summer months Perth is having it's coldest snap in years . I 've been commuting the 50 mile round trip to Perth city for the last three weeks in the Stag... the heater has it's work cut out on days like this... but at least they don't salt the roads