Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cam failure and remedy

Not my car but Humphs Mk1 PI. Completely lost a lobe. Bit of a pain changing cams on Mk1's so out with the hole saw.

Poor old thing was a Wade 444C gound on a 3 ring Pi cam but something must have been amiss.. Kent followers and Goodparts double springs. No 1 exhaust lobe completely missing!!
Never one to miss out on an opportunity to upgrade we decided to use a experimental hybrid cam with much longer inlet duration and milder but fast opening exhaust. Do your own research ;-)
We are also using milder Jag XJ40 single valve springs which should be fine for 2.7 triumph rev limits and give less lobe loadings. They are genuine Jag parts and cost 40 pence each. Excellent value.
Timed the cam in at 108 deg max lift on inlet 1. We are alos going to use 1.55 Ratio Roller Rockers on the exhausts rather than the previous 1.65 on both inlets and exhausts.
Cam is ground by Newman on a new blank with lifter supplied by the same people.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Proper brakes - Discs all round and some good front ones

This project has been a while coming. I have binned my Willwood caliper (ex Witor) and puny 265mm x 20mm vented discs and fitted a Nissan Skyline GTS-T setup.

With 280mm x 32mm front discs and 260mm rear discs it is designed for a 1400kg 180kw 1996 Jap car so should be ample for a 1035kg 1965 Triumph.

Yet to be used in anger but feels incredible compared to previous set up although the servo action is possibly a bit strong for my tastes. We shall see how it performs on circuits very soon.

The conversion was engineered and fitted by Bruce Pollock of TSOA WA (contact me for his details)

Below is the optional modded pedal box in case I tire of over servoed brakes (not currently fitted)

Nissan Skyline twin diaphragm servo and master cylinder with adjustable bias via shims

View of rear conversion backplate. It uses a modified cable handbrake

Front discs. The biggest that I can fit under a 15 inch rim. The calipers "could" be upgraded to optional Brembo's if bigger rims were fitted ~ 7x16 Superlites

Front end with 30mm spacer required to fit wheels...

Nice chunky disc :-)