Friday, April 03, 2009

Under the beast

Popped by Markich and the gearbox is back on, running a 25% J Type rather than a 28% which is a bonus. Headers come off at the starter which makes things very simple... not as shiney now!!! Still automotive extractor porn though :-)
Wonder what it would sound like running like this???

These are the new discs and a couple of shots of the old set up for reference. They have large radial cracks and are warped to hell.

This is a alternative method of ARB attachment to save the tie bar stress

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Brakes for the Mk1 ... Gearbox/Clutch update

Bitten the bullet (again) and will be very soon fitting Nissan 4 wheel disc's. A amalgam of Z32 (300ZX twin turbo) alloy calipers and 280mm (11inch ;-) ) x 30mm (warpfree?) vented Discs at the front and solid discs and a Nissan Silvia caliper with handbrake capability at the back.

This will all be done for <$2000 using new discs and reconditioned calipers with laser cut adaptors. I will update when the job is started. The white beasty is currently at Markich undergoing gearbox surgery (slipping OD on the overun and buggered clutch ... I hope)

Turns out the noisy clutch and bad sounds generally is the Flywheel coming loose!!!! It is a aluminium jobby with 8 high grade bolts holding it on. 3-4 bolts still OK but glad I caught it in time, definitely not something that I'd want to have got any worse.

The overdrive will be replaced with a Dolomite Sprint unit upgraded as per Homologation papers description (basically increase the pressure)...

New uprated clutch cover also fitted

Local Trumpy garage

More happy snaps from the last week or so of assorted Trumphs at Markich Motors. 1977 Stag sold in 1978, one of the last 100 made and a part of a batch that nearly all got sent to Oz... most of these have odd bits fitted like USA reinforced bumper iron and this one has the wrong steering column. BL using up all the bits building the last batch???
2500S de-registered and ready for dismantling. Not saleable at $1500 so owner got fed up , unlicensed it (fatal) and sold to Markich for $300. Only real problem is a rusty O/S sill which is unmessed and original... easy fix but no demand :-(

Above and below. A customers '68 TR5 PI, WA delivered new and VERY original. Still has the original metering unit (brass plug) !!! I want this car but not for sale.

For sale area. Ex USA GT6 Plus and Rotoflex Mk3. GT6's don't sell well in WA... something to do with the heat??? Lurking is a 1300 FWD (??? never sold new in WA) and silver Mk1 2000