Monday, May 09, 2011

Charger Club Doug Chivas Memorial Track Day

Me and Humph got up at sparrow fart and headed down to Collie on Saturday for the annual Charger Club test day - no timing but a great crowd and selection of proper old cars

Humph PI and Lindsay Hammersly XW Falcon GT 351 +450bhp!

RS1600 BDA with ~225bhp power band 5000-9000rpm - gorgeous

Me and Humph

My PI and a handful of a Corvette

Greg Crists GT6 + 240Z

Group N Ford Escort RS1600 - +200bhp at the wheels! BMW 3.0S on NOS!!!

Smoking Brakes

240Z alloy drums venting their linings on Humphs minilites

Collie is WA's main (only?) coal mining area - heres one of the truck bodies on its way to the mines

Charger Triple Webers

Studebaker Lark - 283 V8

Valiant more set up for the 1/4 mile - big horsepower!