Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ten Countries Run 2011

Just about managed to rid myself of the travel lag induced by 3 continents and about 14 countries in about a week which luckily included a rather jolly trip round Europe with James Shackford's Mk1 PI and Club Triumph.

A huge thanks to everyone as apart from the odd failing of old parts it was an amazing experience through stunning countryside and roads. James' car never missed a beat and seemed quite economical although we never dared work it out. The LSD sounded like it had the hammers of Thor in it after a day of hairpins but it never gave up and 80psi fuel pressure from it's slightly sad lucas pump was still good for a GPS 115mph and still accelerating.
Cue "self preservation society " etc - Thursday lunchtime - Dover, +60 Triumphs that have cheated the scrapman
Top of a higher pass in Austria -port cheese and mints on the back of the PI
Pit stop in Germany the morning after some refreshments were taken until about 2am
Fuel pump change number 1 for Mr French - Italy somewhere on the Saturday morning - tried a Bosch which leaked so put in another Lucas that leaked a bit less than the original
Metering unit removal and adjustment on the Stelvio at about 2300m after the Prestige unit on Toms car decided that it wasn't going any higher - leaned of the full load setting two full turns and it was good for the rest of the trip even at sea level
Mr French gets one of 2 (or was it 3) Lucas Fuel pump rebuilds courtesy of Mr Shackford on the Sunday afternoon near somewhere we probably bombed about 60 years back.
Picturesque stop on the St Bernardino to nail a Spitfire back together - it was shedding wheels nuts at an alarming rate going downhill.
Top of Stelvio with Toms TR6- more port and cheese and considerable relief after much angst for Tom Keys due to a metering unit set stupidly rich by Prestige injection a few days previously.
A pass somewhere before the stelvio - overheating engines fuel pumps etc - normal summer weekend in the Alps for 40 + year old Triumphs
Rehydrating with Matt in Germany - luckily German HSE rules closed the bar or we may still be there
Result of rehydration at 2am