Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post RBRR blues

Not much to report on the motorsport front...

plenty of routine maintainence though...

Del's 2500 has had a new track rod end (Stanpart), couple of bottom ball joints (Stanpart again), a new propshaft and a service.

Played around with the static timing and have improved the mpg from 21 to 22.5 (mapped ignition was too advanced).

Stag needed a new alternator so chucked an old 17ACR one that was a known entity rather than risk a recon one. Bit of a bugger to change compared to 2500!! Remove PAS pump and anti roll bar... fitted a new belt as well as it was on it's last legs.

Stag is currently the airport car so I may need to get a car cover to protect what left of the yeloow pigment in the Mimosa!

Went for a spin in the white beasty on Sunday for some fresh fuel and a general de-cobwebbing.. spins up to 6000 in top very easily on our back roads... about 110mph and pulling hard :-)

Things to do:

1.Fit plumbing to Dels 2500 for EFI ... fit injectors and be done with it.. need to remote locate the washer bottle.
2. Fabricate pedal box for twin master cylinders on white car.
3. Fit uprated hubs to Dels 2500 ( insurance policy)
4. Build close ratio (Dolomite ST) gearbox for white PI... need to get new spline cut on input shaft.
5. maybe fit 4.1 diff to white car (to suit CR box)