Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RAC twilight sprint and Forced gearbox swap

Second session of the end of year sprint at the RAC driving centre, the white beasty started throwing a christmas fit. Second gear (essential at this circuit) started refusing to engage - just a massive grind - made going quickly tricky. Then a pervading smell of burnt rubber or gearoil filled the car - I pressed on stinking and crunching for half a lap and then got showered with boiling glycol so switched off and coasted serenely to the pits.

Overall results here:

 RAC Results

Pity I was lying second after the first 3 laps but had no chance to improve. I'd thrown a fan belt (at a hotly pursuing Humph!) so fixed it up temporarily with one a bit too big and got the car home before dark.

Glad I gave up as the next day the gearbox lost all drive except in top and made some fearsome noises
Doddsy's V8 saloon goes grass cutting with guest driver Daniel Cooper  more used to FWD Fiesta
 The terrible twins (Noisy and Smelly) await their turn - mad modded Anglia and Porsche first
 'Super' Standard 10. Not standard at all...... but mostly stanpart!!!
 V8's prepare to do battle - Kens virgin saloon included
 Up on blocks at home - no drive in the intermediates - after gearbox gave up the ghost on the way home
 Previously used gearbox (overdrive is AWOL) with CR gearset - note fine spline input shaft. We have the technology to build one from two.
 Well behaved exhaust off in about 10mins
 Exposing the gearbox for further surgery
Ready for oily intimacy with bell housing bolts - that can wait until tomorrow - Christmas party beckons