Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New head fitted to white PI

One of the projects currently on the go is trying a new flowed head from Gareth Thomas. Humph had volunteered to spanner with me so we picked a nice 40 deg day in the tin shed to go head swapping.

The old witor valved and Luigi flowed head didn't put up a fight and was off in about 60minutes. Then it was a case of swapping the required studs, springs and spacers onto the fresh head and reassembly

Fired up straight away and after a quick retorque and reset of the valve clearances we decided that too much ale had been consumed for an immediate test drive - the hazards of working in the heat.
I will be roadtesting to check timing and fueling and then heading to the dyno early in the new year for a back to back comparison with the old head that made 123rwhp in early December 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2100 Block preparation

I've cleaned and derusted the block with phosphoric acid and given it a coat of black lacquer. Core plugs have been loctited in. Block now needs oil plugs fitted before a final degrease and flush clean before assembly

Cam bearings fitted

Thursday, December 22, 2011

PI estate and 2100EFI progress

Block complete - needs a good clean and bit of phosphoric acid and then painting before assembly

Tailgate completed apart from heated rear Sundym screen and new rubber.

It now has Cibie eyes and awaits a new 2000 grill from Rimmers which will be repainted satin black.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2100 EFI build

Nitrided 2000 crank, Vitesse flywheel and Laycock clutch back from the balancers - flywheel was perfect and the crank needed very little metal removed.

Wiseco forged 77mm pistons from Wishbone classics - custom pin height for extra long rods so effectively a piston suitable for a 2.5 engine. 316grams total weight

Torque plate made by a local Triumph nut with serious CNC equipment - block is being bored this week

Planets are lining up and I may have everything I need to build the engine between Christmas and New Year

Paint your Wagon - second time round ......

Finally painted a second time after a problem with matching the bonnet and tailgate I am now in the process of reassembly whilst mike the bodyshop owner completes flatting and polishing the paint with 2000 and 4000 grit paper and then compound. Very happy with the glass like finish and shut lines. Now the task of bolting on all the dodgy NOS items on begins.

Next to recreate this scene!!!