Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Classic scrap and a brown TR6 in Manitoba

Bit bored this afternoon so went for a stroll soaking up the culture of a southern canadian industrial area in spring - yikes - went into my first Walmart for a some social observations - double yikes

Anyway wandering back to the Hotel (flying into London for a few days wednesday) I came across a TVR280i - then a MG midget then a TR6, Mini Cooper , MGC and Jensen Interceptor - so people in Winnipeg don't all drive minivan blobs and other rusting yank tat - no they have quality as well - Brown TR6's ;-) . A wee garage specializing in all thing British

Red Bearing Garage

Talking of tat this wee Austin 1300 'America' complete with twisted arsehole Leyland badges is a shining example of what NOT to export to Canada / North America - very low mileage - probably because its front subframe rotted out in the first five years - Found it at Lynn Lake - awful long way from Longbridge - nice steering wheel - 1300GT item - remember them?

Couple of decaying Pontiacs at Lynn Lake- good chrome on these

Worthy of some sort of bit part in a Canadian Mad Max movie - stealth bomber painted 1972 Dodge Charger SE 440 - brings back happy memories of Nigel Gairs 400cube one going to Le Mans

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pics from Canada

New Job , new scenery - I have given up gold mining in the middle of nowhere in Western Australia and swapped to working for a small exploration company based in Perth but whose main asset is some prospective ground at Lynn Lake, Manitoba

Churchill River Diversion - Rat River hydro dam picture doesn't do this justice

My new company Hire Truck - 1964 Dodge 318cui V8 Push button auto -29k miles from new - all in Lynn Lake that wasn't connected to the national roads until 1972

Typical lakeside bush camp
In the backshed of typical bush camp

River just north of Lynn Lake with the last of the ice melting May 2010

Burntwood River float plane at Thompson

Thompson is a major Nickel Mining and smelting centre no doubt named after one of the clan - note bear warning

This guy -Joey Barnes better known as KoO or King of Obsolete is helping out our drill program - http://www.kingofobsolete.ca/THE_KINGDOM_WEBPAGE.htm

thought his nickname was also very appropriate for most of our hobbies/obsessions :-)

He unknowingly lent me a great DVD to watch whilst staying in Lynn -


Bank Job :-)