Thursday, August 28, 2014

Almost there...

 Definitely getting near the point of completion with the estate rebuild- Aircon is fully plumbed in now and the ceremonial fitting of the centre console went relatively painlessly. Just waiting on a gaitor. Very happy with the colour combination from the NZ PI interior (carpet is new - seats are 40+ years old)
 Dashboard is all ready and wired up. I have replaced the ammeter it had fitted with an oil temp gauge off a old Range Rover - (thanks ken) - I have set an oil temp sender in the oil filter adaptor.
I have started tidying the engine bay with the alloy rocker cover replaced with a freshly painted original (VHT aluminium high temp paint) and a repainted air box and plenum. Also added a 70amp alternator and beefed up wiring to the battery. Unseen (behind the firewall) but important are relays for the headlights, aircon clutch and thermo fan.
The original reason for the rebuild was the loss of a wheel en-route to my wedding 10 years ago - I have comprehensively insured against this re-occurring with the use of Quaife Hubs (and my spare LSD thrown in to stop it going to waste :-))