Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Clean up pre-assembly

Me and Ken Spent last night cleaning the block and head and generally fiddling about making sure everything is spotless for re-assembly. Ready for timing up and bolting back together on wednesday night
 Head assembled - now using mildly uprated single springs capable of the 0.460" lift
 Crappy repro gasket has been fettled so it fits and doesn't impede gasflow. Valves cleaned up slightly on the back faces - in very good condition - no guide or stem wear. Seats excellent - this PI (218225) head uses Redline lead substitute as there was no sensible room for seats after flowing.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Cam failure

Spent a few hours with Ken today stripping down my 2100EFI engine to investigate what I knew would be ugly - the last few oil changes on the car have shown some nasties on the mag drain plug and the tappets have been increasingly hard to keep quiet
Head off in about an hour with only a little blood spilled
Cam followers (from Kai Raddicke - Wishboone Classics) looked 'orrible - two were concave
Lobes looked just a buggered - this was a brand new NOS late PI cam from Doug that had been reground to an experimental hybrid profile and tuftrided. I think I committed the sin of fitting super HD springs to cope with the 7500 rev limit I was using. BAD move.......  
After about 4 hours spannering we had the cam back in the engine - using a GT42A same as my white PI which was ground in the UK on a new Kent blank. I have managed to acquire and have fitted Clancy cam followers - the original supplier to Triumph. I will be using softer springs... I will try to use Jag but I think the lift of my cam and roller rocker combination will cause coil bind.